Savory Country Style Rib Sliders with Crunchy Slaw

Savory Country Style Rib Sliders with Crunchy Slaw

It's hard to describe this recipe as we're currently drooling over it. These sliders are savory and tender while the slaw is citrusy and crunchy. Talk about perfectly balanced! 

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 3 hours in the oven, 30 minutes on the grill
Assembly: 15 minutes
Serving 6-8


8-10 large country style ribs
Sylvia's Rib Rub'n More Seasoning
Sylvia's Cookin', Drippin' & Moppin' Sauce

Sandwich Sauce:
1 cup mayonnaise
1 heaping teaspoon Sylvia's Rib Rub'n More Seasoning
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice (about 1/2 a lemon)

2 cups shredded cabbage (1 cup green & 1 cup purple)
2 tablespoons prepared sandwich sauce
Sliced fresh jalapeno for heat (optional)
10-12 slider buns

1. Heat oven to 325F.
2. Place ribs on a foil-lined baking sheet and liberally sprinkle all sides with Sylvia's Rib Rub'n More Seasoning. Top with another sheet of foil and seal the edges. Bake 3 hours until meat is tender.
3. Heat grill and brown ribs over medium-high heat, brushing liberally with Sylvia's Cookin', Drippin' & Moppin' Sauce. Check every 10 minutes, applying more sauce to create a nice baked on savory sauce- about 3 applications. Remove and cool enough to handle. Remove the meat from the bone, shredding as you go. Apply more sauce to your taste and preference. (this can be done a day ahead of time)
4. In a small bowl or jar with lid, mix the mayonnaise with Sylvia's Rib Rub'n More Seasoning and lemon juice. Refrigerate until ready to assemble. 
5. Thinly slice the cabbage into a shred consistency and mix in 2 tablespoons of the prepared sandwich sauce. Refrigerate until ready to assemble.

To assemble: Spread each slider bun with the sandwich sauce, heap in warm shredded Country Rib meat, then top with the slaw. Thinly sliced jalapeno makes for a nice contrast of heat (optional).

*Cook's note: The ribs can also be grilled over low, indirect heat (or smoker), or cooked in a slow cooker until tender. If a grill isn't available for the final browning, an oven broiler or frying pan on the stove will create crisping and browning, caramelizing the sauce. 

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